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Call Deposit

Deposit coins to generate coins, stable income


Time Deposit

Customized at will, higher income

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Call Deposit

There is no fixed investment period, and funds that you deposited can be redeemed flexibly at any time.

After subscribing, you will get a Call Deposit order, and then the interest calculation starts the next day.

You can redeem the order by terminating under the [Earn] tab → click [Call Deposit] → click [Terminate].

You can redeem it at any time.

The interest earned on the Call Deposit, will be automatically accrued in the deposit daily.

Daily settlement time for interest earned is at 16:00 UTC

Accrued Interest = QTY * (1 + APY / 365) - QTY

Time Deposit

There is a fixed period of time that the Crypto investment stays deposited — which has a higher rate of return than a standard Call Deposit.

At the time of subscription, Earn will deduct the subscription funds from your assets, and they are locked into the deposit for the specified time period.

After the interest calculation completes, the principal and accrued interest of the subscription will be automatically invested into a Call Deposit for you — which you can then redeem at any time.

The Time Deposit cannot be redeemed before the pre-specified end date. The end date can be viewed via Earn → View Position → Time Deposit.

We will use the sum of daily accrued interest to calculate the total estimated interest.