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How to withdraw digital currency?

If you want to withdraw digital currency funds to other platforms, you can use the withdrawal function to transfer out. Before withdrawing, you need to find the address on the corresponding withdrawal platform. copy the address to the withdrawal address of the Mamoru platform. After completing the information, you can transfer your digital assets to the account of the corresponding platform.

Click on

1. Enter the login page, enter the account ID and password


2. After logging in, , enter the Help Center and click the [Withdraw] button to withdraw digital currency or legal currency


3. Enter the digital currency withdrawal page. You may choose from different currencies and networks. Enter the withdrawal address, amount and network. The network fees are all different. After confirming the address, network and amount, submit the transaction.


4. After filling in the withdrawal information, click the [Withdraw] button on the pop up security verification. When you withdraw, you need to enter the email verification code and the SMS verification code. After the verification code is entered and verified, click the [Confirm] button to complete the withdrawal operation.


5. After the withdrawal application is completed, you can see your withdrawal information. You can also click View withdrawal records to view all withdrawal records.