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Why does the platform require KYC verification?

The Mamoru platform strictly abides by the compliance and anti-money laundering policies. For user's account security and risk control requirements, all users must perform KYC verification on the Mamoru platform. All materials must be authentic and valid before they can be submitted.

1. Click on

Enter the login page, enter the account ID and password.


2. After login, you will enter the KYC authentication page. For account security, users are required to provide authentication information to increase platform features.


KYC certifications are divided into 5 levels with each level requiring a different amount of information. After the certification is successful, you are permitted increasing rights and privileges.

Level 1: Users are required to verify by mobile phone, email, and Google Authenticator.

Level 2: Requires users to submit personal identity information, and facial recognition.

Level 3: Users need to submit occupation-related information and upload verified employment materials.

Level 4: Users need to submit documents verifying their source of assets.

Level 5: Users needs to submit the certified bank statements and cash flow statement.