Leading Digital Asset Platform

Providing safe, secure trading services globally

Founded in 2020, Mamoru is a leading global digital asset platform. The firm is striving to achieve major breakthroughs in blockchain technology as well as integrating blockchain tech with other industries. Mamoru is vertically integrated with development in private blockchains, many global public chains and wallets. Mamoru also engages in deep research with the goal of supporting the global digital asset ecosystem.

Our Advantages

World Class Security

  • Utilizing advanced encryption technology to ensure the safety of funds
  • Creating a stable and efficient trading experience
  • Decentralized architecture to prevent DDOS attacks

Global ecosystem

  • Regional offices across the globe

  • A blockchain ecosystem that integrates multiple industries and economic models

  • Serving global users to create the ecosystem of the future

Industrial Distribution Model

We are committed to building a free and open financial system with blockchain technology at its core. We will help to build a blockchain ecosystem that integrates technology, research and development, digital asset research, open platforms, and professional management to achieve those goals.

Our Mission

Mamoru uses blockchain protocols to build the next generation of financial technology, improve the global economy, and make the world a better place. We never stop innovating our user experience so that anyone can safely access cryptocurrency transactions and investments.

Working at Mamoru

We have the most talented, hardest working and most enthusiastic team in the world. We endeavour to make an impact on a global scale together. We are looking for passionate partners with strong interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Contact Us

You may contact us directly or send your resume to our mailbox.